Cologne was our homebase for 6 months. In 20 days we will return the keys of this nice apartment and we will move to a new home for the next months: our campervan and the roads of the world.

During the last 3 months I have been doing a super deep research of minimalistic traveling, campervans, car models, mechanics, electrical systems, batteries, equipment, how to move cars from one continent to another one and everything you can imagine. I did lists of cars, excel sheets of prices, consumptions, camper boxes, of every piece we needed. I measured everything. And some weeks ago i bought the base model for the conversion: A Nissan Nv200 Evalia that Alicia found for an amazing price (that i was unable to find because the ad was wrong, and i was searching with the correct parameters).

It is a 4.4m long vehicle, 1.9 meters heigh with 5 seats that allows us to have a sink, freezer, gas cooker, water tank, extra battery and all necessary to work inside including an amazing 1.30×1.90 bed, and it is doing now an average of 5.3l/100km. The perfect vehicle for stealth camping. Other vehicles that we were considering were the WV T5, Vivaro, traffic, transit and mercedes viano.

The base equipment for this first months of travel includes:

– Second AGM 80Ah battery connected to the main one through a voltage sensitive relay (with all the security fuses)
– a 400w inverter for the laptop that gives you a 220 standard plugin and 4 usb ports
– a waeco 32 litre compressor freezer/fridge
– a water pump with a sink and 15 litre water tank
– First aid kit
– two fire extinguishers
– Windows covers/insulations
– Curtain
– gas cooker
– voltmeter and usb/car plug console for the back of the car
– Led light that also acts as a power bank
– A triple 2.4A usb charger for when the car is moving
– The box/bed system

Going minimalistic means leaving behind you a lot of things. But we started this process more than 6 months ago. I sold a LOT of things and came to Cologne with the minimum set of things i needed for living. I didnt use 75% of all that. So instead of taking too much, we will try to start with the minimum set of things and be able to live (and not only survive) with them.

First trip will start in 19 days 🙂 We will go through Luxembourg, cross France until the Pyrenees and arrive to Barcelona some days later 🙂 Then i will be working in the Kink shootings for some weeks and to Madrid. More work in Madrid and the 3rd of July we will leave Madrid, but without a known destination or finishing date.

Our idea is to travel and see the most beautiful of Europe, staying sometimes in the campervan, sometimes at friends places, sometimes at hidden cabins in the mountains. So every recommendation is welcome 🙂 We have a small list that includes: Extremadura, Portugal, north of Spain, Sardegnya, Corsica, Croatia, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Falkland Islands and Iceland 🙂

We will be available for shibari tuition and photoshoots, that will be a really nice way to help us in our trip 🙂 But we will also do a lot of video and pictures of shibari all around beautiful places in europe that i will post here and at my vimeo site.

This is a really big change. Wish us luck. 🙂