Yes, i know it is not January anymore, but i am generating content faster than i can upload it, so here you have another small gallery from the Alps-Croatia trip i did with Margot last Month 🙂

This time sunsets (because it is the smallest gallery and i am now i the middle of the atlantic with a satellite internet connection that is pretty slow).

Austria. It was SO cold that day. Everything was covered in snow but beautiful. I was raised in Canary Islands and sometimes i was able to see some snow in the summit of the Teide from my window, but i never saw snow in the streets until i started living in Madrid.

The first day we arrived at the sea. It was Slovenia, very close to Italy.

We were able to arrive exactly before sunset and it was very beautiful. Then we drove until the towns dissapeared and we were able to find a protected place. It was extremely windy.

A sunset between Bosnia and Croatia, i am not completely sure where it was.

You can see a tiny fishermen boat in the corner.

i want to come back with some months, to be able to explore 🙂

Toorrow, or later if the connection allows me, i will update another gallery post. I dont kow if Urbex or Nature 🙂