From the Germany-Austria-Slovenia-Croatia-Bosnia travel we did in January. Here you have another set of pictures:


The Dolomites

A river near the Dolomites

Mountains near Austria

First day of the trip. Still in Germany, but very close to Austria.

Beautiful forest in Austria.

Extremely cold 🙂

Frozen Lake in the border with Slovenia.

A super beautiful river in the Alps part of Slovenia.

Another river in Slovenia, near Triglavski National Park

Super nice place to sleep. Like Blair witch project but worst. There were abandoned houses carved into the rock of the mountain.

This amazing waterfall comes from the middle of the mountain. Slovenia is full of underground rivers and cave systems.

Islands in Croatia.

Waterfalls at Krka National Park.

Big waterfalls at Krka National Park.

More waterfalls at Krka National Park.

And more 🙂 I like waterfalls!

Last picture from Krka National Park

The sky at our campsite 🙂

Super wide angle picture of Plitvička National Park

Waterfalls at Plitvička National Park

Same waterfalls from up 🙂

Hills in Bosnia.

This is again the border between Germany and Austria 🙂

And this is probably Croatia or Bosnia 🙂 🙂