We finished the first stage of our trip: Madrid – Ordesa – Mont St Michel – Cologne.

Crossing the Pyrenees was incredible, but EVERYTHING was dry. Rivers were empty and trees were brown. There is a very big problem in Spain with the drought and people don’t realise.

France is nice near the mountains but then it consists in 27 thousand roundabouts connected by 5-6km roads. And farms. France is a big farm with funny names. We were driving between Roquefort and Champagne, and at some point we almost arrived to Cognac.

Then we arrived to Mont St Michel and it was AMAZING. first thing we did was stop at a farm, went over the fence, avoid half a million sheep and then explore the coast. Don’ t do this. ever. There were like little dry rivers everywhere and strange vegetation and like dry lakes. Fortunately we checked the tides and we were at low tide. It was super beautiful and i was able to get a nice view of the castle (and a rabbit) but it is extremely dangerous, there is quicksand at a lot of places and when the tide goes up everything, with all the grass, goes underwater.

Then we went to THE PLACE if you want to take good Mont St Michel pictures and you have a LONG lens: Pointe du Grouin du Sud. And I was taking pictures of the castle when i realised that the Huge 7 km sand plain was being flooded. Water was coming really fast trough a river connected to the sea. And suddenly a big tidal wave come through the river and it was incredible. Specially the sound. And in 20 minutes the huge plain was completely flooded.

List of things to see: [ X ] Tidal wave

Happiness 🙂

And then I tried the Canon 70-200mm with the GH5 and the metabones, and it was amazing. I shot the sunset in 4k so i can zoom in afterwards without quality loss and with the new crop factor, the 200mm is working as a 280mm.

Now we are in Cologne preparing the car. New rubber mats, oil for the engine, checking tires and we also removed one back seat for extra space. We have to clean everything, and then optimice the space. We are taking out 25% or more of what we had. We need extra space for the Anemone-slut : Margot 🙂

Second battery was dead but we were able to solve it.

And we also cut some wood for making tables and office space 🙂 Now i can totally work at the van!